Thus is life – one of my favourite things to say. When times are good, when times are bad.

Thus, is life.

Simple, but sums things up really well I think. It has a ring to it, and it resonates with me.

For as long as I remember I have been the way I am, that is to be me – ha. But no, what I really mean is that being me is rather strange. It is hard for me to say these things, I hate to sound pompous, self entitled, like I believe I am something special. I do not feel this way, but to explain these thoughts I have to speak frankly. I sincerely hope it comes out the right way.

Now there are a lot of stereotypes for INTJ’s, most of them come with a certain amount of bullshit. Although some have merit. When I was younger I always thought people were idiots, even those who were smarter than me seemed to be oblivious to things that were obvious to me. Odd, I always thought.

Fast forward years later and I finally found out why this is, mostly, it is down to a dominant function in the name of introverted intuition. Upon learning of this I was fascinated, amazed. Finally I had an answer, finally I felt like someone understood me.

Being understood, I can’t speak for others, but for me is such a foreign feeling. It is an amazing feeling, one I seek, now that I know that it exists.

So you might be thinking, James, this is all well and good but you opened with a title that came with an expectation, where is the tragedy in all of this. Oh my dear reader, life is a journey and thus we must be patient.

Time to roll up my sleeves.

You see, introverted intuition I believe gives me a great gift. But I think it’s a bit like if a cat opened Pandora’s box, certainly the cat would consider the consequences as being fairly unfortunate, but at the same time feel it was a fair trade to satisfy the curiosity to peek inside; about its day, it would go. What does that mean, well with the good comes the bad, and the good is rather useless in this case. Oh it’s great inside my mind, no complaints there, the unfortunate thing is I can only spend so much time inside my mind, I’m also required to venture out into this sensor dominated world to fight for the things that make this game, a game. In this real world, introverted intuition has some rather unsavoury side affects. I’m not going to list them, but I would like to share some the consequences.


I am trapped.

In doubt, indecision and I guess fear. You see introverted intuition is amazing at seeing everything that could go wrong, but that’s not its power. It will go beyond the most likely negative outcome and follow the path, it will show the ripples that would run through every single part of life far into the future. Now while this is an extremely helpful skill for avoiding those silly decisions, it pretty much ensures no decision can be made, big or small, without some sort of anxiety or fear that my predictions will come true.

Now, you see the tragedy. Although it is funny to me, it’s funny to be this way, I’m on the outside, and on the outside it’s like open space. Here I can think independently and see how silly it all is. I know it all sounds so serious, but it’s not.

Thus, my friends, is life. The great tragedy.





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