After a day’s work, I contemplate easy evenings. Working in a dog eat dog society, I find myself, a fellow dog attempting to escape, to join a new pack. See funnily enough I surround myself with cats. Feeding my two pet cats every afternoon, first thing once arriving and opening my home. Shutting the door, leaving the high paced, tail wagging stuff outside. Where it belongs.

My partner and best friends are cats you see. They only come in their time. When they have a bone to pick, an intrigue to share or simply when they’re hungry. I will admit, while I feed off of emotions as a dog does, distilling inspiration and flexibility into individuals. I don’t depend on that same service other dogs attempt to provide me. I lick my backside, it is clean and I definitely don’t want any other dog licking my already clean backside thanks. The catch 22 you know, the real kicker about being a dog is that you can’t avoid being conscious of all the bum licking that goes on in a dogs world. Most dogs depend on it, most dogs crave it!

I treat this act of backside licking as a last resort, anything else being an option. While performing this most unpleasant act, I close my eyes so hard I could turn pencils into diamonds between my eyelids. My mind is a turntable, which has “The Final Countdown’ on repeat. If others could hear it, the volume would make their ears bleed. 

See I am a dog. I love myself and my inner dog. I love my pack, for what it is. My pack of intellectual, typically catty and impersonal felines. 

My pet Mnandi (South African tribal name), a black siamese is on my lap. She blends in and camouflages perfectly with my robe. She gives. She gives me, this annoying dog, company and patience. She keeps my lap warm like my lap keeps her warm. A transaction, a give and get that I of all people strive to achieve in every scenario. She is just her, out to satisfy her needs. Honest, blunt and forward. Like all other cats, my partner included. Cats say it like it is and I value that. Cats are patient enough, filling in their curiosity and understanding of me over time the same way a kindergartener would fill in their coloring-in book excitedly when having just been given a new pack of crayons. They are intellectual, and truthfully help dogs get by in the day to day, dog eat dog world. My cats listen to the stories about the encounters I have with bigger, better, fatter or slower dogs. They tend my wounds after I am forced to bite or be bitten. 

With cats, life becomes more enriched, it is the flour in the cake. One becomes conscious of outcomes one cannot devise himself. One sees colors and feels textures he is unable to find anywhere else. Most importantly for me, it is the silence. Everything that floats around in the silence between me and my pack of cats when nothing is said. Most importantly once you realize and cherish the silence, the purring of cats and wagging of dogs tails becomes noticeable and simultaneously produces a curiosity and satisfaction in eachother that is unmatched. The cherry on the top of the cake however? Well fine readers, that is the knowing that there will be no licking of eachother’s backsides you see, no closing of the eyes and no more ‘The Final Countdown’ is required thank god!



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