Mr James ‘straight-jacket’ and I, Byron the slightly spontaneous and quirky wunderguy have been smashing through this existence together, since Pokemon owned my thoughts. I can’t speak for you on that one Jimmy! Seriously though, I often think we are exactly the same now as we were as school kids. Only now our decisions have larger implications, supported by a greater sense of personal ¬†maturity.

Our lives are governed by independency, yet we have always found ourselves coming together to share our newly founded perspectives, life values and insanity with each other. A true togetherness, that I am confident all introverted intuitives struggle to find and would be blessed to have! Join us, blinking and breathing all the while continuing down, meandering paths. Ones which have always lended a listening ear to the other, often sprinkled fairy dust, provided bandages and produced a patience, which even Osho would be proud of. An intj, an infj, amigo’s assisting eachother through this play we call life. I can only hope to use this blog to recall some of our shared liberating moments and previously devised realizations!


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