By nature I am a curious person, I always wish to understand and not just from my own view point, but from every viewpoint. Naturally with curiosity comes a lot of questions, most of which are going to be directed at you. These questions come wilt an innocence that i’m always confused about when others don’t understand, personally I fear no question, I actually enjoy them.

From experience I know how this questioning can be recieved. Being an INTJ/INTp I am good and I am bad at understanding people. Where the line is drawn is a little hard to describe, but I do know that I’m never sure how to act around a person if I dont know them, and if I cannot get to know them, I will lose interest and just avoid them altogether.

To complicate things further, the questions I often ask might not even be about you, or me, they often will be more of a generalised question just to see what your response is. Imagine a scientist poking a newly discovered creature in different spots to see what happens, writing each outcome down on a notepad to add to his theory of everything.

I know many types don’t appreciate such intrusion, particularly my INFJ/INFp counterpart. The matter only gets worse when it comes to questions that I have no interest in the actual topic or premise that the question was placed upon.

This concept is hard one to grasp, or to explain. For those who find them intrusive or their whole premise offensive, please understand the questions are never to judge you. If an INTJ/INTp asks you questions, try to understand that it is not an attack, just a cat who wants to explore a new box. Double Entendre not intended.


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