Life has this way of getting to you. It’s slow, calculating and strategic. You won’t see it coming. How it gets you is the most important bit though. Maybe it gets you when you lose your job and it snowballs into being homeless. Maybe it gets you when you fall in love, and that first moment you realise this, that special someone gives you the most important gift they can offer; their vulnerability.

How it gets you will change your life forever.

For the good, or the bad



There are twice as many atoms in a grain of sand than there are grains of sand on Earth.


There are 3333.33 times more stars in the universe than atoms in a grain of sand on Earth.



I look forward to the day where a computer can be linked wirelessly to my brain and record my thoughts. It is very hard to translate into written form.

I’m not holding my breath.
If only I could explain what floats between these neurons. Maybe an analogy could help. None seem fitting that I can think of.
I need to learn to draw animations. Then I could share my visions, they are often too visual to put into words.


I’ve come to realise something only just recently. As an INTJ you are always tagged as living in your head. I was never really sure if I did or didn’t until recently. I am unsure what has triggered it but I have suddenly become aware of it. No matter what I am doing at the time I am rarely thinking about what is going on in front of me, my mind is off somewhere else. I’m starting to realise how bad this habit is.

It explains a lot really.




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