The Experience

The dancing light from the ocean lit up the edge of your face as I looked at you

The moon pouring its light upon us as if blessing the moment

Your naked body outlined in front of me

Giving the shape for me to examine, inhale and immerse in

The details shrouded in a mystery of shadows

We sat in silence

Gorging on ice-cream, a sensory delight.

The moment was pure, free of any thoughts

Your beauty will last in my mind

For as long as I remember the shadows

The Idea

Trace the light, from the massive expansion it tracks across the textures. The small bumps, the raises, the dips, the lines. These are the details, from the bigger picture you get the curves, the outlines the shape, the flow. Much is up for your imagination, much is left to your desire. You are given more than enough, more than you should see. A glimpse you are given, radiant light bursting across bare skin, enough to intrigue, but not enough to satisfy. Leaving you wanting.

Boundaries and vulnerabilities are left with the clothes on the floor. Within the sanctum you walk, grant this for what is mutual.

Crisp fine droplets litter the stage, twinkling from the flash as the light travels and encompasses. A brilliance of light like a street being lit by each streetlamp turing on one after another in quick succession .

The shadows define the artwork. The light is only there to allow you a glimpse of the shadows. In the shadow a womens true beauty is revealed, it is defined. What isn’t revealed holds the most value, not given away for your enjoyment it is held dear for those few lucky enough to see all the features of this artwork.

It is here where you find the value, this tease, this dance, it is for you.

It is in this moment you realise it is what you haven’t seen that you will always enjoy the most.


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