Being isolated and truly lonely, you turn on yourself and everyone you love and could love. It’s the sense of losing all hope. People do not need you at the point in time you need them most. To receive anything, the way a starving man needs anything edible within his belly. Deep emotions, inner turmoil fighting in hand to hand combat with your thoughts. The deep insecurities are sometimes too deep and cold to swim in.

‘How can I transform myself into a fish to swim to an underwater home? No, I do not belong down there. I need the sun and a breeze.’

Your lady is not by your side, who is she sided next to? If you want to be with someone wouldn’t you just be with them? Life is never sweet for long. The bitterness of sacrifice leaves an aftertaste in the mouth only the brave can handle. It is a taste which is as sharp as the spade which digs the hole for you to lie in. The hole too dark to see out of. The person you are entrusted to hopefully stops to realize the damage they are doing while digging, sweat on brow, spade in hand. One person’s everything can be another’s nothing.

I think those that matter most, are not aware of their value.


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