A past time, an instrument of decision, a way to complicate the simple. Thinking is something we all have in common, some us don’t do it enough, others do it far too much. I am certainly guilty of the latter.

My favourite part of the day is the morning. Not because I like mornings, in fact I have a great distaste for early ones, leaving the sanctum of my bed is never welcomed, especially when called upon by an obnoxious iPhone beset on ending the only true bliss a man ever finds.

But no, mornings are my favourite because this is when I shower. Some people like to sing in the shower, I like to think. The feeling of hot water on skin is very powerful and relaxing. The sensation is grounding and holds my body in that moment, while my head is free to wonder, the places I go I don’t remember but it is a place of true peace and beauty. It is like my own Zen garden if you will.

In these few minutes (more like few dozen) I am free to explore within my mind, a fantasy land of great depth, it is a wondrous place and I wish I could share it with you. This is the true beauty of thought, it is the hypothetical, the imaginary, the boundlessness. It is in these moments I routinely have the best time of my day, in here, in my mind. I can control what is in here, what goes, what rules must or can apply. It is this limitless zone and it’s unhinged nature that is so inviting. So intoxicating.

Once I’m out of the shower I have left the garden. My thoughts become reasoned and they become purposeful. The magic is lost and life becomes all to real, reality forces itself upon me like a falling bookcase, not only am I crushed by the bookcase, but hit in the face with books of tasks who demand attention ruthlessly.

Sometimes it’s a bit too much, it can be stressful trying to play life like chess inside your mind. I find to work things out I often have to talk to myself, well I don’t have to, I just enjoy it. There is just so much to think about.

Ideas fill my head, like building houses out of play dough I add to them each day. Lately they have been leaking out of me. What is inside spewing out in a flow of pessimism and frustration.

I’m trying to keep a lid on it






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