Turning to-and-fro, like a spectator’s head at a day of tennis.

Do their necks get as sore as my mind does while I search for the direction to turn?

Life decisions are important, important life decisions a more important.


With each point in tennis, there is a celebration from the winner.

Spectators stare, eyes locked on the victor.

Spectators stare, forgetting the opponent for only a moment.


The umpire delivers a shrill through his moustache.

Quiet please, no clapping.


Effective life decisions cannot be made looking from either players perspective.

Perspectives should not be compared.

Left or right is not important.

The player in the red shirt or his opponent wearing trendy looking Nike shoes, is null and void.

It is about the tennis, the game.


Life decisions, if productive and undistracted, can only be made as an umpire.

With a distance or separation from the result, one only an umpires has.

Spectators cheer, spectators are left or right, spectators like Nike’s.

Umpires watch, umpires are the game.


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