Needless to say I wish to live forever, not limited by flesh. I am but a mind, a mind who will never not have a thirst. A desire. Forward is all it desires, not limitation.

These words, so neatly compact and organised. Ineffective still, none of them in any order seem to be capable of describing what I wish. You see there is no colour to words, just shades. The imagery one could conjure from these symbols would never surmount.

There is but two worlds. One the world of introversion, the other, the world of extraversion.

The world we all live in is the world of extraversion. It holds surreal beauty, plain grey beauty. We live in it everyday, some by choice, some by force.

The world of introversion holds the colour, the depth, the imagery, and the beauty. A place without limits, without walls, without rules. 

For us fond of the inner world, the place where our minds are free, we are at home in this place. We come here to live, you see not everything that exists you can touch. 

If I could paint, I could paint you the beauty, if I could draw I would draw you the beauty. But at alas, I cannot. So these lackluster clumping of words, these ones who are but humble hints of the unfathomable and amazing place that exists inside. 

I promise.

It is real.

I wish I could take you there.


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