What a word it is. Probably the most ambiguous word in the English language. I believe to argue a definition would be foolhardy, but I will be so bold as to suggest what it is not and what is required to find it.

It is a late Wednesday evening writing this, another day spent riding the highs and lows of the life of a single male. I sit in bed now thinking of what a relationship means, of what is desired and of what is achieved, not for merely myself , but for others also.

I can only come to a few conclusions, of which I shall now disperse.

Movies would have us believe in love as some magic power, a feeling drawing us to another which is found is some spontaneous adventure of woo and courtship.

This couldn’t be further from the truth – love is not magical. It isn’t found in happenstance stares across a room, or the accidental bumping into another as busy and self focused person as yourself. While magical, no doubt, it is pure fantasy.

No, love is something much harder to find, because love is earned and love is built. As a famous song suggests, love is a verb, love is a doing word.

So as we all travel along in this life deluded by grandeur with our spoilt minds we are in no doubt but to find failure, disappointment and our expectations left unmet. Why is this you ask? Well I am glad you asked.

You are fooled. I am fooled. We are all fooled. By what? Well this modern generation we come from (likely if you’re reading this) is one which has experienced something none have before us. We have been shown what could be. This incredibly connected world has done wonders, but it has also raised our expectations, and as my enlightened friend has already told you, this is the destruction of creation.

Now if you’re thinking well, what is the solution to this erosion of our minds, our bonds, and our connections. Well, my friends, ladies and gentlemen, there is one bold solution I’ll propose to you all, it is one that may be as hard to swollow as a horse pill after two weeks roaming a desert. But alas, you must hear me out.

Wait for it…

Be genuine.

That is it, it’s rather simple really. Maybe too simple you might say, but ponder this for a while, like a good wine let your palet develop the flavours. In time you may see the flow on value this can have.

To me, to you, this is but all we have, and that my friends is all we can offer, nothing could be more valuable.

Peace out Gen X&Y






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