supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment:

Few occasions can live up to such a definition. Like a high mountain top typically there is some scaling to be done before such a feeling can be broached. At times just a memory can spark this epic of emotion, such memories seem to be run in slow motion, enhanced by an Instagram like filter. Like the highlight reels one might expect to see before death.
Bliss visits me in few ways, none are as strong or as obtainable as through music. There is certain music that I can reach a place I cannot in any other way. This place is hard to describe, one could certainly describe it as blissful. There is one artist, beyond all others, which takes me there. I feel it through my whole body. The haunting. The echo. The quirky. This artist, like no other, can create emotions, such feelings of bliss, or something. To call it something is a cop out word, I know this, I did try a number of words in place, but words are finite, this feeling is not. It is limitless, it is not of this physical world, one which we can describe so simply.  If one imagines the depths of their imagination, the deepest, the most unrecognisable, absurd, bizarre and unconscionable. This still is based upon this physical world and could not even compare.
Maybe this is the sublime. Beyond description, recantation and comprehension, even within the experience.
This feeling, its intensity, it makes my muscles tense, my eyes can roll back, the intense pleasure is not far removed from orgasm. I feel, strongly, the desire to bath in this, what it is, the idea, the conjuring of images, of feeling.
Immerse me in it, and I shall feel.
I shall feel, bliss.

2 thoughts on “Bliss

    1. Hi Dr Martina, thank you for your comment. A common misconception of MBTI is that type changes, this is actually due to mistyping as self tests are not very reliable. If you’d like to discuss and chat further I’d be happy to connect with you on chat platform.

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